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Mahssan Afkhami, President
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science/Economics
Other Activities: SGA Executive Director, Rugby, Baltimore Area Young Republicans, Homecoming 2001 Student Chair

" I love UMBC and I love the College Republicans. Since becoming a member in Fall of 2000 and soon after President, I have grown as a Republican, a person, and most importantly as a leader. The UMBC CR was the first stepping stone in reaching my dream of becoming Governor of the Great State of Maryland, and just as well a United States Sentaor."
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Candice Mach, Vice President
Year: Junior
Major: Biology and Spanish
Other Activities: Newman Club, Habitat for Humanity, Honors College, Hall Council, NRSA

"Participating in the College Republicans has been a great experience for me. I have had to opportunity to fraternize with other students who have common interests in politics and I have learned more about my party platform. It has also been an experience in leadership, I'm looking forward to continuing to work in the College Republicans in the upcoming year to help out the community and increase political awareness on campus."
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John Williams, Executive Director & Treasurer
Year: Junior
Major: Financial Economics and Information Systems
Other Activities: SGA Supreme Court Justice, Newman Club, Golden Key National Honor Society, President's Student Advisory Council, Homecoming 2001 Webmaster

"The College Republicans provide an open forum for students to explore conservative modes of thought, engage in intellectual discussion, and demonstrate their political viewpoints on campus and in the community."
The Maryland General Assembly

Maryland House Republican Caucus

The National Rifle Association of America

Maryland Taxpayers Association

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Maryland Republican Party

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Baltimore Area Young Republicans

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